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After a lot of hard work, this week, we were excited to launch our new website, which comes with a fresher look, easier navigation, a helpful guides section and a new client resources portal.

Please feel free to have a look at and tell us your thoughts. Over the coming months, you can look forward to more helpful information, template documents and forms to be added to the login areas specifically designed to make your HR life even easier.

No Jab no Job

Where does your business stand on this controversial issue?

The founder of Pimlico Plumbers is no stranger to controversy, particularly when it comes to employment law. Recently, Charlie Mullins, has started an emotive debate by publicly confirming that he plans to introduce a “no vaccine, no job” approach to his workforce. The aim being to ensure that all employees are inoculated against the Corona Virus.

The Company are looking to draft new Contracts of Employment introducing the requirement, which both new and existing employees will be expected to sign. So, will employment law support this measure? Possibly, possibly not! (Typical HR approach)!

Given that the vaccination is not mandatory in the UK and the UK Government have ruled out such a measure, NucleusHR would advise against introducing mandatory vaccinations for existing staff if you want to avoid costly unfair dismissal and possible discrimination claims. If you believe that the vaccine is an asset to you, your workforce and your customers, we would encourage you to work with all stakeholders to explain why, pointing out the benefits to all parties.

That said, if there was a genuine requirement for employees to have the vaccine, which is demonstrated with a fully thought through risk assessment, it may be possible to introduce a provision for a mandatory vaccination program for new employees to the business.

Before introducing any medical requirements to your contractual position, please do give NucleusHR a call to talk through the specific wording.

IR35 Update

Reforms to the IR35 rules on off-payroll working in the private sector come into force on 6 April 2021, The rules are aimed at reducing tax avoidance for contractors employed via personal service companies. Under the new rules, the organisation engaging the contractor is responsible for determining their employment status and assessing whether or not IR35 applies. If it does, the organisation that pays the individual’s fees is required to deduct tax and NI at source. For more information, please visit the Government website

In a complicated industry, we felt that there was room for a Health and Safety company with straight-forward advice and resources. And with over 20 years experience in HR and Health and Safety, we wanted to offer no-nonsense, uncomplicated advice for businesses of all sizes.

So… That’s exactly what we've done!

Have a look at our new website and remember, as an existing NucleusHR client, you will benefit from 10% discount on all NucleusHS services.

Coming next time ...
With the end of lockdown in sight, we look to answer your questions regarding life after furlough and how to reintegrate your workforce and look at ways to remove any return to work anxieties.

As always, if you have any HR questions, queries or comments, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 07960 418494 or email us at, we will be ready to help and support your business.


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