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Job Retention Bonus Scheme Update: What You Need To Know

We updated you last week regarding the latest news about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and its extension until March 2021, but it seems an important point was hidden amongst the bigger news announcements. Last Thursday (5th November), as Lockdown II officially began, the Government withdrew the Job Retention Bonus scheme, which was due to begin pay-outs to eligible businesses in February. Whilst we understand that with the extension of the furlough scheme this offering may no longer be needed, we felt it important to highlight just in case you had missed the update. Further details can be found via the website here and, as always, the NucleusHR team are on hand should you require any further support. Please call Toni on 07960 418494 or email

As with everything in 2020, the only constant is change.  If you need any assistance with catching up, keeping up or simply confirming your understanding, please do email or call 07960 418494, we look forward to supporting you


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