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Updated: Oct 9, 2022


Managing Director



To provide an outstanding and unrivalled outsource HR service to retained and ad-hoc HR clients. To work in partnership with designated clients delivering HR results above and beyond their expectations.



  • Evaluating a clients current approach to Human Resources, design and implement a HR strategy that works in synergy with the business plan.

  • Delivering the agreed HR delivery plan, ranging from recruitment through to complex exit management both remotely and on site.

  • Developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures

  • Ensuring HR programs and services are in compliant with established policies, procedures and employment law.

  • Answering various HR queries by telephone, email, zoom or on clients sites.

  • Designing and delivering training sessions, workshops and interactive seminars for the clients on varying aspects of HR.

  • Inputting to the regular client communications, including the newsletters and surveys.



  • In addition to possessing advanced business and human resources skills and knowledge, successful HR Business Partners must possess the following competencies:

  • Self-confidence: Must be sure of themselves in order to both lead and reassure clients at all times.

  • Practical application: Must have the experience necessary to understand what solutions have worked in the past and about how to improve on previous practices.

  • Ability to explain ideas and concepts in a simplified manner: Our Business Partners understand the complexity of HR and in particular employee relations, but they must be able to simplify and explain problems and solutions in terms each client can understand.

  • Ability to improvise: Because our clients are always evolving and changing, our Business Partners must be able to foresee and implement multiple challenges and commercially viable solutions.

  • Excellent listening skills: Before solutions can be discovered, problems need to be fully understood. Therefore, our Business Partners must carefully listen to the needs of our clients as to implement solutions that address their specific needs.

  • Trustworthy: Our Business Partners must be able to develop a strong relationships with their clients, and to do so they must display integrity as to build trust.


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